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Speaker & Workshop Topics

Suzanne is well-versed in the areas of leadership, teamwork, effectiveness, and resiliency. She has presentations to fit the needs of a variety of audiences, and is also available for workshop facilitation around these topics. 


Leadership is something that is in all of us. It isn't a title, it's a way of being. You do not have to be in front to lead.


Suzanne takes her knowledge and experiences of leading from the top - not in front - to cultivate a sense of accountability, drive, and motivation in each one of your audience members, no matter their level or status. 


So many personalities, experiences, and backgrounds intermingle in a team setting. Learn to embrace diversity, overcome adversity, and act as a unit. 

Suzanne uses vivid storytelling and metaphors to help your team be their best.



Effectiveness is dependent on one's ability to quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles and move forward. 

Suzanne's unique approach on tweaking behaviors and making small mindset shifts helps individuals, teams, and organization run more effectively. 



The resilient mind is one that can handle setbacks with grace, stay present in the moment, and respond instead of react. 

Suzanne shares her climbing experiences to weave together a story of overcoming the impossible and building resilience with every step. 

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